Valve Stems

We manufacture a variety of valve stems in a wide range of sizes.

Gate stems and globe stems that mainly have an ACME thread, are used in valves for oxygen, acids, sea water etc. These are a particular area of expertise for us and they are also the main type of valve stem that we produce.

Gate stems and globe stems are manufactured from materials such as aluminium-bronze, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, duplex, super duplex, Inconel alloys, Monel alloys, titanium etc.

  • A typical valve stem, specifically a gate stem, that is machined from Alloy 500 and has a two-start left hand acme thread that is over 1 metre in length.
  • A typical globe stem that is machined from Alloy 400 and has a single start UN thread form.
  • A typical gate stem machined from aluminium-bronze, with a two-start left hand ACME thread.

Our size range spans from as small as 12mm diameter by up to 3 metres in length. All of our valve stems are finish turned using a CNC lathe, to a tolerance of + / - 0.02mm with a surface finish from 0.4 to 0.8.

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